The future of finance.​

Evolution of the global financial system.​

The increasing availability of reliable data and the exponential growth in computing power are changing paradigms across the financial sector. We work with all actors affected by this change.

This fast growing trend is excellent news for the real economy. It enables providers of financial services to extend the reach of their offering and improve pricing.

Financial institutions who wish to capture this massive opportunity need a complete technological rewiring. Our proprietary technology platform enables us to help the entire financial ecosystem future proof their businesses, from bank and non-bank lenders to asset managers, hedge funds, private banks and asset owners.

We work across the financial ecosystem​


Banks are of paramount importance to the good functioning of the real economy.

We help banks in their efforts to make use of data to future proof their business lines, from improving credit underwriting & pricing to client clustering & product marketing or trading inventory reduction.


A dedicated big data infrastructure and predictive analytics are required to invest in highly fragmented markets while keeping a grip on the risk.

We help our partners design and manage investment strategies powered by qbridge technology.


Equipped with the right tools to analyze it, data can bring readability to investment strategies.

We create bespoke investment products suiting the needs of wealth management and family office investors packaged in the format of their choice.

We deliver.

Everything we produce draws on the power of our proprietary data infrastructure and data analytics, developed 100% in house. Bespoke client apps can be built and deployed via web app or client API if needed.